Edith Wharton



Belle Glen Havanese is located in southcentral Pennsylvania.  I am a small owner/breeder/handler who has shown all of my own Havs to their AKC championships.  I am not a kennel.  I became interested in Havanese in 2002, purchased my first boy in 2003, and am now owned by 5 very active, intelligent, and amusing Havs!  My Havanese have the run of my home, are my cherished family pets and even go with me on all vacations! 

Please navigate through my site, see my dogs, learn about past and planned future puppies and enjoy the photos.  Although I show my dogs and do occasional breeding, my dogs are truly members of my family.  Breedings are carefully planned, with the main goal being to preserve the wonderful temperament,  health and structure of this toy breed. 

To learn more about the history and health of these mischievous, companion dogs, please visit
www.havanese.org- home to the Havanese Club of America.  There is great information on this site to help steer you towards a reputable breeder.  With the increasing popularity of this congenial, non-allergenic toy breed there has, of course, been a corresponding increase in the number of disreputable breeders who do minimal to no health testing of parents or puppies. Although they may have wonderful websites and charge less for their puppies, you need to be knowledgeable about what questions to ask a breeder.  Please educate yourself BEFORE contacting a breeder as it can save you valuable time and future heartbreak!

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